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IRS TAX RELIEF FOR SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA TAXPAYERS You can settle your IRS Tax Debt for a fraction of what you owe.  The IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) program is a Federal Tax Relief Program for those taxpayers who cannot afford to pay-off their IRS tax debt due to financial hardship.  We have settled hundreds of cases with the IRS for qualified taxpayers amounting to over two million dollars in total tax savings.  Call us today for Free Consultation to find out if you qualify for Tax Settlement with the IRS.

IRS OFFER IN COMPROMISE The Offer in Compromise Program is a Federal Tax Amnesty program which allows taxpayers to get Tax Relief by settling their outstanding IRS Tax Debt for a fraction of what they owe.  If you are suffering from financial hardship and cannot payoff your tax debt the Offer in Compromise Program allows you to settle your back taxes for less than what you owe.  Find out if you qualify for this IRS Tax Relief program by meeting personally with a Tax Attorney for a Free Consultation in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, or San Jose. An experienced Tax Attorney will conduct a thorough and Free Financial Review of your income, expenses, assets, and debt, to see whether you qualify for Tax Relief with the IRS. If qualified, you may be able to settle your tax debt for less than 15% of what you actually owe. The IRS’ Offer in Compromise program is the most popular Tax Relief Program, and taxpayers settle millions of dollars each year with the IRS.

REMOVING WAGE GARNISHMENT AND BANK LEVY The IRS or the State may garnish your wages and freeze your bank account.  If you have received a wage garnishment or a bank levy you need to Act Fast. Once the funds are sent to the IRS or the State, you cannot get them back. We can get a release of the wage garnishment and bank levy  in as little as 24 hours and stop future collection action immediately.

PAYROLL TAX Business tax debt is the most serious debt with the IRS and often cases are assigned to a Revenue Officer for immediate collection.  If you owe money on your current business, a San Francisco Tax Attorney can make sure you continue operating your business and negotiate an affordable payment plan with the IRS.  If you owe tax on a prior business, a Tax Attorney can help you settle your tax debt by submitting an Offer in Compromise, or negotiate an affordable payment plan.

UNFILED TAX RETURNS If you have not filed your taxes, the IRS and the State will assess taxes against you based on income information received from your employer (Form W2) or self-employed income (Form 1099). Premier Tax Attorney, PC can prepare your tax returns to make sure you get proper deductions and help solve your IRS and State Tax Problems. Meet with a Tax Attorney in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, or San Jose for a Free Consultation and start your Tax Relief Program.

SALES TAX - BOARD OF EQUALIZATION California State Board of Equalization audits numerous businesses every year and may conduct audit based on a speculative analysis and assess an incorrect tax for your business.  If your business is a subject of an audit or have been audited by the BOE and charged a sales tax erroneously, a Tax Attorney can help you through the audit process and lower or eliminate your sales tax liability to the BOE.  You may also qualify for an Offer in Compromise to settle your back taxes with the BOE if you are no longer operating your business.

TAX ATTORNEY SERVICE IN SAN FRANCISCO, WALNUT CREEK, SAN JOSE Premier Tax Attorney, PC is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating because of its dedication to client service and exceptional tax representation. We have helped hundreds of taxpayers get Tax Relief from the IRS and the State. We provide quality Tax Attorney Service for San Francisco Bay Area taxpayers at an affordable price, including a convenient payment plan for those who are experiencing financial hardship.  Get Tax Relief by meeting personally with a Tax Attorney in San Francisco at 580 California Street, San Francisco, CA; in Walnut Creek at 1255 Treat Blvd.,Walnut Creek, CA; or in San Jose at 2033 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA.


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